Thous Winds

Thous Winds Titanium Roasting Fork Of Hot Dog Telescoping Roasting Camping Wooden Handle Barbecue Fork Roast Fork Barbecue Tool

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Design inspiration

The titanium barbecue fork handle is inspired by the 12-point and 12-faceted diamond facets. Each facet is hand-carved and polished by a carpenter. The time-consuming and complex processing technology makes the diamond handle present a unique beauty

Roast foork material

The roast foork was made of TA1 pure titanium material and the solid wood handle

TA1 pure titanium material, the surface is washed with retro old craftsmanship

Solid wood handle


Black walnut

FAS grade North American black walnut, known as the nobility of hardwoods, has a clear texture,

The color is deep, the texture is delicate and smooth, and the corrosion resistance is good.


White oak

Strong, lustrous, beautifully grained, and resistant to corrosion, white oak is an excellent wood.

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