Thous Winds

Thous Winds Camping Tableware Set Backpacking Picnic Set Alumina Durable Cookware For Pans Only

SKU: TW3013-P


Usage Notice:

1: Please be sure to clean it thoroughly before using it for the first time.

2: The color coating is a food-grade non-stick coating with a maximum temperature of 300° . It can be used for cooking, but it must not be burnt alone.

3: Do not use hard vegetable melon cloth and wire brush to clean the surface of the coating.

4: Using metal utensils or placing them with hard objects will cause the risk of scratching and peeling of the coating.

5: The bottom coating may rub against hard objects with traces of use. For daily use, please try to avoid friction and scratching with hard objects.

6: The retro silver surface is washed and polished, which will leave scratches or bump marks on the surface, which are all normal phenomena,which are not product quality issues.

Material of the pan

Non-Stick Coating Spray The color coating is sprayed with a food-grade non-stick coating, a unique low-key semi-matte spraying process non-stick coating, you can easily clean it, the maximum use temperature is 300 you can use it to cook food, but remember not to dry burn

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