Thous Winds

Thous Winds Fire Blowing Tube Outdoor Camping Bushcraf Barbecues Black Walnut Telescopic Fire Assist Lighter Blowing Stick

SKU: TW1050-W

Thous Winds Blow Tube Telescopic Fire Assist
The wooden handle is made of black walnut and white oak
Inspired by diamond facets
Each section is polished by hand by the carpenter
Presents the unique beauty of log water chestnut
Leather handles are easy to hang and hold
The clever design means that they can be easily carried in a backpack, just like the old radio antenna, they are retractable, just extend the hollow tube, you can maintain an effective distance from the fire without losing your eyebrows! Put a bundle of fire in the wood of your choice (wet or dry), light the fire, and then blow the hollow tube to supply the new fire with oxygen. The fire will start raging in a few seconds
★Start a fire with wet or dry wood in a few seconds
★Provide safe working distance
★Tube type-means you can easily guide oxygen to the flame
★Suitable for campfires, barbecues, home fireplaces, wood burners
★Using metal structure and internal brass (to prevent excessive shrinkage/expansion)

Brand: Thous Winds
Item No: TW1050-W, TW1050-B
Handle diameter: 3.7CM
Tube diameter: 1.2CM
Size: 40.8cm-67cm (adjustable length)
Approximate weight: 210g
Material: black walnut, white oak, iron, brass, cowhide
Packing list: Blowing tube*1, storage bag*1

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