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Thous Winds Firewheel Heater Outdoor Camping Ultralight Convenient Gas Stove Heating Heater Heating Equipment

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Thous Winds Firewheel heater design concept: a lightweight and convenient radiant heater that generates a lot of heat by burning tungsten filaments, which can provide heating in a small area. It weighs only about 575 grams. It can be easily put into your backpack and can be used for hiking. For camping and self-driving camping, you can use it on an integrated stove or a split stove, equipped with a cooking stand, which can boil water or cook food while heating


1: Lightweight and convenient design, weighs only about 575 grams

2: Thicken the tungsten wire, which produces a lot of heat radiation after burning, which can quickly heat up

3: Cooking stand, can boil water or cook food while heating, and can be removed when not in use

4: Aluminum metal radiator plate can prevent excessive heat from being transferred to the gas tank below to ensure safety

5: Universal base, suitable for most integrated burners and split burners

Brand: Thous Winds

Product name: Firewheel heater

Material: stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloy, tungsten wire, heat-resistant glass

Weight: about 575G

Packing list: Firewheel heater*1, anti-collision storage bag*1


1: In the case of low temperature, please preheat with a small fire when using to avoid the glass cover from rupturing due to the large temperature difference, and then open the high fire after the preheating is completed.

2: It is not recommended to use stoves with large hobs, especially if the flame area exceeds this product, it will cause the risk of glass cover cracking

3: Before use, please confirm whether the product is installed on the gas stove smoothly

4: Please keep the air circulating when using this product, do not use it in a confined space to avoid accidents

5: The product will produce high temperature during use, please do not touch the product with your skin to avoid burns

6: When using the product, please do not shake the product to avoid scalding and accidents

7: When using this product, keep a distance of more than 1 meter from flammable materials

8: Please place it in a place where children can't touch it, so as to avoid burns and accidents

9: Do not use this product on the cassette stove to avoid accidents

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