Thous Winds

Thous Winds Stainless Steel Kettle Food Grade Teapot For Make Tea Boil Water For Outdoor Camping

SKU: TW3030-P


Design inspiration

The shape and the weight is close to the Trangia ketlle. But we add more colorways for this kettle to have other people more chioce for selection.The more colorway of the kettle be provided, the more lifestyle of the camping life can be camping lover's selection

Instructions for use

1: Please make sure to clean thoroughly before using for the first time.

2: The colour coating is food-grade non-stick coating, maximum use temperature 300 can be used for boiling. It can be used for cooking with water and hot drinks, but should never be left to boil on its own.

3: Do not use a stiff dishcloth or wire brush to clean the exterior of the coating.

4: Using metal cutlery or storing with hard objects will result in a risk of scratching and peeling of the coating.

5: The bottom of the coating may show signs of use by rubbing against hard objects. Avoid rubbing and scratching against hard objects .

6: Local discolouration due to heating is the formation of a thin oxide layer on the surface of the stainless steel, which is normal. This is a normal situation.

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