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Thous Winds TW1020-C Ultralight Titanium Wood Stove Outdoor Camping Bushcraft Quick Installation And Disassembly Wood Stove

SKU: TW1020-A


Thous Winds titanium folding wood stove

Portable and lightweight folding storage is simple and convenient to install. All the main body and parts can be stored together. The package weight of the titanium wood stove is about 1795 grams. The storage size is only a little larger than the laptop. The integrated connection and installation can be completed in 1 minute. The stove is assembled, the titanium wood stove can cook, stew, and fry food, and can also be used for heating. It is very suitable for backpacking and camping.

Brand: Thous Winds

Model: TW1020-C

Furnace body material: titanium, heat-resistant glass

Chimney material: titanium

Furnace weight: 1360 grams

Chimney weight: 108 g/m

Furnace body size: length, width and height (375*210*177mm)

Height of furnace surface to ground: 275mm

Chimney diameter: 63mm

Storage size: length, width and height (366*210*48mm)

Storage bag weight:

Chimney optional length: 3M(The length of the chimney can be cut according to the actual length of use )

Reminder: some small accessories are 304 stainless steel

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